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New Politics

On this blog I’ll look at the differences between political tribes, the difference between one’s self-identified political ideology (or some label) and one’s actual effect or function, and the contradictory allegiances and beliefs of today’s political tribes.

The confusion in our political arrangements may present an exciting and rare opportunity to refactor our politics, and there are various attempts to do so, whether by the self-styled “post-left”, progressives, socialists, populist Republicans, class-first leftists, alt-right, Silicon Valley libertarian futurists, and so on.

Or they may paralyze us and become a source for further dysfunction.

Are these factions in their current form stable or even coherent? What do they have in common and how do they differ? To what extent are they novel or mere rebranding?

These are a few of the topics I’ll write about. Stay tuned and subscribe!

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